Graduation Requirements

Master with thesis program consists of seminar and at least seven compulsory and selective courses required by the EASD / EASD presidency, not less than 120 ECTS credits, and specialization course to be taken each semester and a thesis study. The seminar course, specialty course and thesis work are evaluated as successful or unsuccessful and do not participate in the average.

In order to pass thesis graduate student to the dissertation stage, the weighted grade point average can not be less than 2,50.

Duration the master with thesis program is four semesters, regardless of whether they are enrolled for each semester, starting from the semester when the courses related to the program in which they are enrolled are registered, excluding the time spent in the scientific preparation.

At the end of four semesters, the relationship between the institute and the student who fails to successfully complete the credited courses and seminar courses included in the curriculum, or fails to achieve a GPA of 2.50 within this period and fails in the thesis study or fails to enter the thesis defense is suspended.

Thesis graduate program can be completed at the earliest three semesters.