Program Outcomes

    Order Program Outcomes
    1 Learn the importance of HR practices for an organisation
    2 Grasp that workers are one of the most important values for an organisation
    3 Obtain comprehensive theoretic knowledge in HRM field and gets skills to use that knowledges in practice
    4 Learn the HRM process in detailed way
    5 Learns HRM process closely via case studies
    6 Gets skills to analysis matters in different ways
    7 Learns that organisation is not a mechanical structure but a social one.
    8 Grasps the importance of professional and ethical values
    9 Learns the latest developments of HRM fields and the ways of learning the latest develpments
    10 Learns the scientific principles for producing knowledge in HRM field


    SKILLS / Cognitive, Practical


    COMPETENCIES / Learning Competence


    COMPETENCIES / Field-based Competence