The purpose of our department is to train undergraduate and post-graduate students by taking into account what is going around translation world and translation studies. In doing so, students are prepared for market conditions effectively and they are directed at scientific studies in line with the infrastucture we have. In this framework, we aim at graduating our students in a way that can catch up with different conditions and can follow scientific, technological and professional developments as well as gaining them translation competence.



  • Acquiring theories and practices as well as research methodologies required by translation and translation studies, presenting them with a critical point of view for evaluation.
  • The ability to translate medical, legal, economical, literary texts from one language into anouther by benefiting from such assistant tools as dictionaries, encylopedies, computers, information and communication technologies, linguictic, cultural elements or cultural issues and so forth.
  • The ability to gain the awareness of taking responsibility of being a member of team or an indivual of a translation project in the framework of rules and working conditions put forward by the sector. 
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