Educational objectives of the Graduated Environmental Engineering program;

In the near future, our graduates are expected to be engineers who;

• Take part in the environmental engineering projects; are consulting on environmental issues that require analytical or professional abilities,
• Continue his/her advance professional development with professional qualifications and certificates,
• Charge in and responsibility in activities related to environment, profession or society.


1. To provide a comprehensive and functional master education program equipped with basic and current knowledge in the field of Environmental Engineering,

2. To offer an Environmental Engineering master degree education in world class,

3. To train graduate students who use existing technologies and produce new technologies,

4. To educate graduates with design and innovation experience in advanced topics of Environmental Engineering,

5. Competitive in the national and international field equipped with contemporary information; to train graduate students who fulfill the tasks of environmental engineering successfully and are preferred in their own business fields,

6. To train graduates for sustainable development and clean production target,

7. Being a program with academic staff who have adopted the principle of research, scientific ethics, education and social-cultural values