Employment Opportunities

Doing a Master’s degree in this area is the right step for having an academic career in the field of Public Finance and Economics. Besides academic training, the program provides students to enhance their analytical skills, critical thinking and their performance to comment. Many of our students simply take the advantages of academical surroundings for finding jobs. Graduates have the opportunity to work both in the public sector and in the private sector. In the public sector, the graduates can work as a public inspector, state auditor, controller, and specialist in Undersecretariat of Treasury, specialist in Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade and inspector in state banks. In private sector tax consultant, certified public accountant and chartered accountant, inspector or specialist in private banks are some of the professions for the graduates. Also, doing a master’s degree for working people is considerable for accessing new information, improving their knowledge, for an increasing success in their speciality while being an important step for their career.

Upon a successful completion of the programme, student may continue with doctoral study in the same or similar scientific areas, which may accept students from the science of Finance.