This department train people who will work in primary and secondary level to cause students to gain information, skill and perfection about education technology; teachers who will support other teachers about information and communication technologies and usage of instructional materials in education. It is aimed that these teachers will be individuals who can work in private sector throughout designs and processes relevant to usage of technologies like distance education, e-learning, computer-based education.


Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching Department aims to train individuals who:
- have sufficient information, skill and perfection about subjects relevant to teaching profession and performing this profession,
- have sufficient information, skill and perfection about hardware, operating systems, computer networks and computer languages,
- use education technology productively and effectively in the process of designing, planning, carrying on and directing education technology,
- know instructional technologies and materials and the usage of these in lessons; have a part in applications like educational software, e-learning, distance education and support the others,
- have a advanced problem-solving skill,
- have a critical thinking skill,
- work as a group
- express themselves orally and written,
- know ways of reaching information, generate information and use information,
- have characteristics of creativity and being innovative,
- are responsible to subjects about profession and ethics,
- are respectful to values of society and useful for society in situations they can create solutions,
aims to train active teachers and in order to carry out this it aims to provide necessary human resources, environment and teaching-learning processes.