To prepare and encourage graduate students to pursue careers in professional management, research, and academic pursuits by providing them knowledge, opportunity and educational experiences necessary for industrial engineering researches and applications, educational and research opportunities which are compatible with needs and developments in the world.


1) To provide students with skills necessary to reach knowledge by doing research, and to evaluate, infer, and implement this knowledge via expanding and deepening the knowledge in industrial engineering or in a different area.

2)To provide students with skills to design solutions to industrial engineering problems on their own, improve a solution method, solve, implement and evaluate results when needed.

3)To improve students´ skills to apply modern tools and techniques necessary to solve problems.

4)To improve students´ skills to work efficiently in multi-disciplinary teams as well as communication skills.

5)To provide students with skills in solving industrial engineering problems by implementing new approaches, and taking responsibility when they run up against complex and unforeseen hurdles in applications.

6)To provide students with research and development skills.