1. The primary aim of our department; To raise individuals who feel the university and university culture and the responsibility of being educated in an art field, and who show their difference with their stance in the social structure.
2. The Department of Visual Communication Design aims to train individuals who can make correct and effective studies in the design of the product that requires creativity in the communication sector and the idea must be revealed during the production phase.
Our 3rd Department has adopted the principle of providing the necessary training to carry out the works in which creativity and difference can be revealed, artistic creativity and aesthetic presentation reinforced with art education, instead of making ordinary productions with a mechanical understanding, since it is located in the Faculty of Fine Arts.
4. The Department of Visual Communication Design aims to enable the student to specialize in one or more branches of design, and to bring together successful works with the general art education he has given and to gain the ability to create a composition.


1. To gain basic art and design skills
2. To provide basic information about design, art and technology
3. To raise individuals who can create a composition by integrating different branches of art.
4. To train individuals who have knowledge of professional equipment, techniques and products required during production, and the ability to use them.
5. To give graduates who can do research on issues related to their profession and follow developing technology and practices.