1.To educate qualified engineers in advanced food applications,
2. Present an education program which supply the needs for Turkey’s academic and technologic areas.
3. Practice international qualified food education systems as a model and update this system continuously.
4. Educate the engineers capable to work in multidisciplinary projects.
5. Base the education system with research and development activities, project and patent enhancing achievements.
6. To create a platform able to educate and to study internationally.


-With the awareness of the recent developments in the world to correspond national scientific and technologic requirements,
- Every step in food processing from field to fork to be able to find a solution about production and researches related to the food,
-Adequate in determining food related problems and creating plans and project about their solutions,
-To solve the problems by designing work order and program and lead the process with professional approaches,
-To inter prate the results in a right way and be able to apply the consequences in food industry and science area,
-To educate confident, open minded, conscious academicians and managers.