The request for qualified expert instructors to increase the success of English Language Teaching at all levels, in accordance with the recent trends, has risen significantly. As the result of increase in international relationships in terms of economy and education subject to the technological innovations, the need for expert instructors in ELT has become more evident. Found to integrate EU nations pursuant to common values, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has influenced the language teaching policy in our country who aims to join in this union; within structure of the Ministry of National Education, programmes have started to be prepared in line with certain criteria of CEFR.


As the primary objective of the MA programme in ELT department, it is aimed to upskill the language teachers with researcher identity. The courses taught in the programme and MA thesis will help them possess the skills of conducting a research, analyzing the data and implementing to the teaching. Furthermore, it is aimed to pave the way for authentic contributions to second language teaching in the process of a dramatic change and development. Thus, the MA programme will contribute to the qualified man potential for our country.