Employment Opportunities

Graduated students can work in the fallowing institotions: SHÇEK Headquarters, Provincial Social Services Directorates, Nurseries and Day nursery, Child Slots, Orphanage, Adolescent Counseling Centers, Protective Family Services, Family Counseling Centers, Elderly Care and Nursing Homes, Care and Rehabilitation Center for disabled, Special Education Organizations, Spastic Children Center, Community Centers, Social Welfare Units, minietry of Health, Ministry of National Education, Private / Government / University / Branch and Specialized Hospitals, Mother-Child Health and Family Planning Centers, Medico-Social Centers, Credit and Hostels Institution, Youth and Sports General Directorate, Youth Centers, Ministry of Justice prisons, Reformatory, Children´s Courts, the Center for Street Children, State Planning Organization, Universities, the Southeastern Anatolia Project, Prime Ministry Family Research Institution, Prime Ministry General Directorate of Women´s Status and Problems, Prime Ministry Administration for Disabled People, Ministry of Labor and Social Security Pension Fund, Social Insurance Institution, Bag-Kur, Employment Agency, Social Solidarity and Assistance Foundation, Various organizations public relations units, Public and private industry organizations, local governments, Civil society organizations (Red Crescent, Turkey Family Planning Association, Human Resource Development Foundation, the Children Foundation, etc. Win Again Freedom.), International Organizations, United Nations, international organizations, embassies, consulates. Also they can open private workplace related to their professions.

Upon a successful completion of the programme, student may also continue with master and doctoral studies in the same or similar scientific areas, which may accept students from the science of Social Work.