Program Outcomes

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    1 Having and using advanced knowledge and comprehension supported by the recent textbooks, materials and the other scientific resources in the fields of International Relations and European Union.
    2 Analyzing data, ideas and concepts of International Relations and European Union with the scientific methods, determining complex events and topics, making discussions and developing new suggestions based on scientific researches
    3 Having knowledge and thought about the current issues and problems together with their historical, social and cultural aspects
    4 Informing audience groups, who are interested or uninterested in the field, about the topics in International Relations and European Union and teaching them the problems and the solution methods of the subject matters
    5 Having the skills of working coherently in a team, taking initiatives, being open-minded and thinking analytically
    6 Using Turkish well, having a good written and oral communication skills and also having the ability of empathy
    7 Having the skills and potential of self improvement in the career areas of International Relations and European Union such as attaché and ambassador
    8 Having the skills about methods and research techniques in producing, using and reaching knowledge
    9 Having conscious about professional and scientific ethics
    10 Deeping and expanding the knowledge of undergraduate proficiency which is acquired in a same or different field than International Relations and European Union, and also accessing, examining and elucidating knowledge by making scientific research


    SKILLS / Cognitive, Practical


    COMPETENCIES / Learning Competence


    COMPETENCIES / Field-based Competence