The aim of The Institute of Philosophy and Theology has two folds:
1.To recruit researchers who have the following capabilities:
a.Has the ability to conduct scientific research within the body of the institute
b.Has the awareness of the current research problems in the related field and being able to produce scientific solutions for those problems.
c.Has the merit of understanding the scientific thought and morality.
d.Has reasoning, research and development, productivity, and proactive participation skills and competencies.
2.To produce solutions for the problems of the society in which the institute has been working and to contribute the existing body of the knowledge through engaging in research and development activities, producing the results of those activities, and sharing them with the parties.


For the postgraduate students of the institute:
1.Determining of the research areas related to theology-related disciplines including philosophy and religion studies.
2.Specifying the necessary knowledge and information sources and facilitating the data collection processes.
3.Facilitating the ways for the students to gain the reasoning abilities with regards to the evaluation of suitability of the obtained information for the research problem.
4.Helping the students to acquire skills on how to conduct research and produce results based on scientific measurements.
5.Guiding the students to have the ability to communicate with related bodies and share their knowledge and findings with those organisations.
6.Educating the students on the pillars of conducting trustworthy studies based on scientific morality principles.