The objective of the department is to teach of subjects within the domain of Civil Engineering disciplines; to design safe and reliable structures which are in harmony with their environment increasing the quality of living of the individuals and the society at large;to schedule, manage and construct civil engineering works; to educate and recruit scientists through research and educate skilled engineers to continuously develop new work models for the construction industry.


To provide a functional graduate program equipped with fundamental and up-to-date knowledge in the field of civil engineering. To offer a globally accepted standardized graduate program. To educate graduate students who are able to use existing technology and create new technologies. To educate graduate students endowed with experience of innovation and design in advanced civil engineering topics. To educate graduate students who are competitive in national and international environment by equipping with modern knowledge, fulfilling the responsibilities of the civil engineering and preferential in the field of their interest. To educate graduate students who are working for the aim of sustainable development and clean manufacturing. To constitute a program that have academic faculty who make up the principal of practicing, researching, scientific ethical values, educating and social-cultural values.