Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering in The Institute of Science and Technology of Sakarya University aims to pursue modern and up-to-date knowledge in education and training in Metallurgy and Materials Science using latest instruments being used in modern societies and to contribute universal knowledge and technology in the field.


Our targets are to train and to educate graduate students in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering of the candidates with curious, open-minded and self-confident
• Provide students who have skills know developing technology and economical needs
• Developing himself at advanced level
• Desiring of gaining new information
• Provide students who have skills to research and methods, setup experiment and applications, evaluation and data acquisition, observation and discussion
• Provide students who have skills to highly respectable potential in his studying field
• Provide students who have skills of knowledge, experience and background to turn his gains to highly value products in global, national and institutional framework.