Graduates from the SAU Engineering Faculty Civil Engineering Program:  
1) would be employed as experts, technical staffs or project managers at governmental organizations and institutions associated with civil engineering
2) would take active roles in national or international collaborative projects at domestic or overseas; or start up and develop their own engineering firms.
3) with having life-long learning ability, would continue their career by graduate studies or professional training.


1. To give basic engineering knowledge, to improve the abiliy of analysis and synthesis of the students.
2. To provide the required skill to get familiar with the technical tools required by civil engineering.
3. To encourage the students to work as a team by improving the communication skills among them.
4. To guide the students to update their knowledge and improve their self-confidence and self-discipline.
5. To teach the students the importance of the ethical behaviour in both social and professional life.
6. To train the students to take the leadirship when required.
7. To provide the students with the awareness of environment and sustainable development.
8. To express the importance of building reliable structures against earthquake.