Department of Industrial Engineering aims to educate graduates who are able to;

1. Analyze, design, plan, control, apply and develop complex and integrated manufacturing and service systems for increasing the productivity in macro and micro level.

2. Keep abreast of scientific researches, and contribute to national and international innovative studies.

3. Make national or international interdisciplinary scientific studies, and involve in team work by own leadership skills.

4. Predicate on continuous development, behave in terms of ethics and business law, and make effective decisions by developing University-Industry- Business World cooperation for our students to gain experience before graduation.


1) Provide students who have skills necessary to model and solve problems by using mathematics, engineering science, operation research, applied probability and statistics, computer and simulation techniques

2) Provide students who have skills necessary to consider entire system as a whole by system approach

3) Provide students who have teamwork skills as well as communication skills

4)Prepare students to apply modern tools and techniques necessary to solve problems

5)Provide students who have understanding and appreciation consciousness to professional behavior in industrial engineering