The purpose of Curriculum and Instruction of the area, educational sciences and teacher education in the field with regard to the quantity and quality of the training of personnel needed by the Turkish education system more effective and efficient functioning of the system is to contribute to the intermediary.
Department of Curriculum and Instruction in schools, ministries and institutions, educational bodies, the Department of Education aims to develop an expert or specialist assistant.

Curriculum and Instruction Department, Ministry of Education, formal and non-formal education institutions, public institutions and educational units in private institutions to develop educational programs and education activities to be more effective and efficient provider of knowledge, skills and attitudes, giving students the areas of curriculum development and educational technology allows for specialization.

Curriculum and Instruction programs, private schools and provincial education offices and program development specialist assessment centers or specialist assistant, university faculties of education, teaching staff, training specialists at all levels of the armed forces or his deputy, or assistant education specialist departments of public institutions of education to be individuals who can train.


1. Curriculum and Instruction Distance Education Graduate Program, supporting interdisciplinary work and generate knowledge, this information is produced primarily associated with the educational system and training of all concerned and to the public offering and the transfer of this information to those who want to make a new academic study in higher education in this context include wealth.
2. Sakarya University, Institute of Education Sciences on the Master´s Degree Program in Curriculum and Instruction Distance Education as a core objectives are as follows:
-Development of the research environment and scientific environment.
-To accelerate the circulation of information between academics and experts working in the field.
-In today´s world of ever growing importance of science in higher education to contribute to the creation of a more efficient academic environment.
-Teaching staff to increase communication with each other, and to provide opportunities to establish a more effective human relations.
-In general, Turkey, Sakarya region in particular, especially on education and the quality of the research and to increase the number of applications.
-Sakarya University´s existing international standards of quality in education and to contribute to the work to come.