Being able to provide an integrated visual communication design education by gathering different disciplines related to the field, appealing to the general of visual communication field, among the reasons for opening the Master Program of Visual Communication Design; to educate visual communication designers who specialize in a specific field and who are fed from different fields of communication and visual arts and to provide the necessary information to the experts who can produce projects in national and international scale in the field of Visual Communication Design. Lessons are planned to serve three different purposes: lessons related to methodology, lessons related to construction, lessons about implementation.


In order to enrich the field of Visual Communication Design in terms of theory and practice in cooperation with different disciplines and thus to provide visual communication design education with a holistic perspective including theory and practice, are among the reasons for opening the program. The program will contribute to the cultivation of scientists who can provide critical, original and creative works in the field of Visual Communication Design and in the presence of equipped specialists who will need the sector in all areas of communication such as art, advertising, television, cinema, web design, animation, photography, graphic design, journalism and public relations .