The primary objective of the biophysics graduate, using the students´ health and science in the information they receive their degree; scientific thinking is to gain the ability to synthesize and independent research with a broad perspective of scientific events.


The objectives of the program 1.Explain knowledge: electrophysiological, molecular biological, radiobiological, radiological imaging techniques, to comprehend the working principles of hemorheologic and biophysical imaging techniques. Cell physiology and systems (biological systems) to dominate the basic principles related. Used in biology and medicine is to be familiar with quantitative approaches and methods. Basic biophysics recognize and utilize concepts. Bioelectric phenomena, mechanical and biochemical responses of biological systems to recognize, observe them, measuring and analyzing learning. Biophysics-knowledge to follow the current literature on the biological system to provide infrastructure. 2.Skill: A medical-biology gain the basic skills needed to work in basic science laboratories. A medical-biological research in a basic science laboratory is to gain experience in planning and execution. Electrophysiological, to be able to use a variety of molecular biology and biophysical imaging applications gain the necessary experience. Cognitive research projects and gain experience to prepare to write scientific papers.3.Attitude: To win the habit of using scientific knowledge resources effectively. To learn their habits to make speech-presentation at scientific meetings.