To train technical staff are;
Able to learn and internalize of related concepts and terminology in the field of information Technologies
Able to plan and set up system and network substructure of business,
Able to maintenance and repair, back up and upgrade of systems
Able to provide network setup and security


It is objectived to have graduate who(?re);
Have adequate infrastructure about mathematics and sciens fields
Able to interpretation data using knowledge and skills at basic level and assessment
Able to define problems
Able to realize professional plans and projects
Have the competency in required software and hardware for related applications
Able to do network setup and programming
Have web design competency
Able to create a solution to unexpected problems faced by the applications
Able to be in teamwork and communicate effectively
Have the skill of self-study, foreign language knowledge for track innovations in the field of proffessional area
Respectfull for historical and social value
Have social responsibility and consciousness universal, social ve Professional ethics
Able to improve oneself and track developments in field of science and technology
Have knowledge and consciousness in field of occupational health and safety
Have practise skill by following the jobs in industrial and service sector.