The aim of the Metal Education Programme is to teach students to be teachers, trainers in technical and vocational schools and technical personnel in related areas of industry. The graduate students gain theoretical and practical knowledge and ability on metal manufacturing technologies and expert knowledge about vocational teachers by pedagogic education.


The graduate students gain knowledge and ability on the basics of welding technologies, metal forming technology, materials selections, designing and manufacturing of metal constructions, basic sciences, the properties of materials, destructive and nondecructive testing methods of materials, basic manufacturing methods for metal forming, oxy-gas, brazing, electrical arc, gas metal arc (GMAW), gas tungsten arc (GTAW) welding techniques and practices, the welding failures and remedies, weldability of ferrous and nonferrous materials, heat treatment, the basic casting principles, coating, computer aided drawing, and microstructures of materials. The graduate students also gain knowledge and ability to give a lecture either theoretical or practical of these metal technologies areas.