The programme aims that the department educates students on the basic concepts of construction and building and provides opportunities to do researches. Training of construction covers the basic concepts, interpretation of applications and design and works based on solving various industrial problems. Graduates can be as a technical teacher in technical high schools and industrial vocational high schools and as a technical staff in construction sector. Department of Construction Education programme contains some topics of teaching pedagogic formation program for getting to be technical teacher. Another aim of the Construction Education Department is to stop the necessity of qualified technical worker.


Department of Construction Education Technology;

To evaluate technical idea, data and scientific methods
To definite characteristics of the construction materials
To definite and analysis and discuss of the complex subjects
To develop solutions related with investigation and proof
To develop design projects and to achieve its skills and ability
Reading the projects done before and to control them
To apply construction systems and achieve knowledge and ability of the construction systems.
To achieve enough knowledge and ability in order to repair or mended of the construction equipments
To be able to sustain the investigations as international platform.
To aim to teach some knowledge, skills and ability to person who works both theoretical and practical in this aria