Graduation Requirements

Cultural Studies Graduate Program´s period of study consists of at least 2 lecture semesters (8 lectures + specialized field topics) and a thesis semester. In order to get a graduate degree, students are required to have 90 ECTS credits lectures (from the graduate course programme) and successfully completed them all.
48 ECTS is comprised of the lectures that will be taken during two semesters as 12 ECTS (6+6) is for the specialized field topics. Thesis stands for 24 ECTS and with the specialized field topic that will be taken in the thesis semester, the student is expected to reach minimum 90 ECTS.
In order to start his/her thesis, student shuould take 60 ECTS of lectures along with the specialized field topic. Following the completion of these lectures, student should write a thesis should be written under an advisor. In addition to this, the student whose thesis is accepted is required to present it to an assigned jury.