The aim of the educational program, considering national needs,is to educate qualified, competent, enterprising, dynamic people having an information-coordination foundation betweeen jobs in basic subjets by getting them ready for academic life and after the bacholar’s education in the field of physical education and sports. Moreover, this program aims to contribute the physical education teachers, working at primary and secondary educational institutions which constitute Turkish Sports’ foundations, and help them develop thorough master programs by following academical developments to apply the changes to their jobs and develop their own skills.


To research teaching methods in detail besides teaching basic topics and concepts related to Physical Education and Sports

To examine practice areas in Physical Education and Sports and to do micro teaching practices.

To do achieve researching and examine resources for conceptual subject matters

To help students canalize to their own areas of interest by elective courses.

To help students gather abundant information by encouraging them to do seminar, homework, project and survey studies.

To understand the stages of a scientific study.

To enhance the performance and aims during master’s program to motivate students for the doctorate’s program.