To furnish enough knowledge and searching environment for original, innovative, academic searches to students. To make students acquire a habit about studying together, valuing and producing. To use Turkish Language and Literature department’s underwork, human and finance sources by forward in national and international area. To educate academic connoisseurs that will be able to study in universities and other academic foundations; is need by country in Turkish Language and Literature area.


The aim of this course that giving academic and professional ascendant abilities about Turkish Languge and Literature to students of Turkish Languge and Literature, at the same time to give necessary information about Turkish Language, Turkish Literature, Folklore, Turkish culture, Turkish history to students. We aim at giving education, in international level, with original, improver back demands of our science area. Our department gives ability that to read and write the texts which were written in Ottoman Turkish and the other Turkish dialects to students, so to contribute to cultural and social growing. We aim at educating science expert about Turkish Languge and Literature who has connective and constitutive identity and model human type that show his/her knowledge which he/she had from humanistic and social relations, skill and cultural back demand in their behaviors