Course Name Code Semester T+U Hours Credit ECTS
Environmental Management Systems and Enviroment Di KAL 530 0 3 + 0 3 6
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Course Language Turkish
Course Level yuksek_lisans
Course Type Optional
Course Coordinator Doç.Dr. ASUDE ATEŞ
Course Lecturers Doç.Dr. ASUDE ATEŞ,
Course Assistants
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Course Objective Gained prominence in recent years, the most important bridge between the environment and quality management systems based on the ISO 14001 environmental awareness by telling at the issue of Integrated Management Systems and ISO 14001 management
Course Content This course include that introduction of ISO 14000 Environemtal Management Standards serials; evaluation of organization and evaluation of product as ISO 14001 base components; systematic evaluation of product process and service. Execution phase of ISO 14001, approval of standars and benefits in point of environmental management. Importance of law, regulations and standards that form environmental management system at industries. Effective law and regulations in control of waste, front preparation working methods of ISO 14001, and contribution to environmental engineering. Different industries and their characterization of waste, methods of waste reduction, control of process and recycling and effect that waste reduction, methods of reuse, application of environmental management systems, prevent to environmental pollution in source, control of waste amount and improving of waste amount or prevent, reduce, and control to formation of waste, emission or discharge. Protect to natural sources and use productively. Consider the environmental effects in plant and process design that applicable technologies are chosen, prevent the pollution that effect environment as negative.
# Course Learning Outcomes Teaching Methods Assessment Methods
1 Defined quality and enviroment. Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Testing, Homework,
2 Defined waste management and source management, and applied it to any industry. Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Group Study, Testing, Homework,
3 Learned to apply 14001 and its scales. Lecture, Drilland Practice, Group Study, Case Study, Problem Solving, Homework, Performance Task,
Week Course Topics Preliminary Preparation
1 Environmental Awareness, the important parameters
2 Quality definition and integration with the environment
3 Turkish environmental legislation and its connection with management systems
4 Basic concepts of environmental management system
5 EMS policy and a reflection of the system
6 Waste and resource management
7 Evaluation methods of waste and waste planning
8 In the planning phase of EMS
9 In EMS implementation, farkındallık, training and documentation
10 Measuring and monitoring, traceability, lab work
11 Internal audit, planning and management
12 Risk Assessment
13 Management review, system management
14 The benefits and applications of integration
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Order Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
1 2 3 4 5
1 X
2 X
3 X
4 X
5 X
6 X
10 X
Evaluation System
Semester Studies Contribution Rate
1. Ara Sınav 40
1. Ödev 30
2. Ödev 30
Total 100
1. Yıl İçinin Başarıya 50
1. Final 50
Total 100
ECTS - Workload Activity Quantity Time (Hours) Total Workload (Hours)
Course Duration (Including the exam week: 16x Total course hours) 16 3 48
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 16 2 32
Mid-terms 1 10 10
Assignment 2 30 60
Final examination 1 10 10
Total Workload 160
Total Workload / 25 (Hours) 6.4
dersAKTSKredisi 6