Program Outcomes

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    1 Upon completion of the programme, a student will be able to: Develop a greater understanding of the range of theoretical perspectives relevant to Employment and Labour relations
    3 define a problem and propose a solution for it, and to solve the problem, evaluate the results and apply them if it is necessary in his/her areas of expertise
    5 develop new strategic approach and produce solutions by taking responsibility in unexpected and complicated situations in his/her area of practice
    8 produce solution and to take responsibility and to develop new strategic approaches in situations which are not predicted in his/her areas of expertise
    10 develop strategies, politics and activity plans related to subjects of the field and to investigate the outcomes within the scope of quality process
    2 expand knowledge by scientific methods and use them with scientific, social and ethical responsibility
    4 transfer systematically the current developments, his/her studies to other people as verbal or written form confidently
    6 have oral or written communication ability in one of the common foreign languages (“European Language Portfolio Global Scale”, Level B2)
    7 follow scientific, social, and ethical values and to teach and to control them in the step of data collection, evaluation and announcement of them
    9 develop and to use data processing and communication technologies together with the software and hardware knowledge required by the field of his/her expertise