To educate students up to the level such that they are ready to undertake the work either national or international graduate programs in the field of general physics, atomic and molecular physics, solid state physics, nuclear physics and high energy and plasma physics offered by physics and by physics related departments. To catch up with the teaching power country needs. To get students to comprehend the sub fields of physics and to prepare robust mind powers that can contribute to the countrys scientific world.


To educate physicists who
1. have the knowledge about the computer and information technologies,
2. speak one foreign language,
3. have basic physics knowledge and can pass it on others,
4. have the knowledge and skills on how to work in physics laboratories and can pass them on others,
5. can do scientific research on subjects related to physics and can educate themselves scientifically,
6. do research and development or production related with physics or can work or can take jobs as manager,
at the undergraduate level.