Able to perceive, envisage, application and conclude to research process with enlarged of informations and deepened as based on adequacy of undergraduate on geography and geographical information technology field


Its aimed to educate grads who(re);
1-Able to use mathematical and statistical skills in Professional Area
2-Capable of using English language skill
3-Knowing basic concepts about to earth and atmosphere and able to analising about to elements and mechanism of earth system
4-Knowing basic concepts about to geographical environment,recognizant to interaction elements between human and environment and able to analising
5-Able to analising to geographical facts and events, able to synthesize reconstruction of space with this analytical Works
6-Able to collect of datas about to geographical environment,able to deduce from this information and able to present this results
7-Able to use technology of computer software and hardware within geographical information technology
8-Able to advance to geographical information and able to develop to a geographical thinking style