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BIOGEOGRAPHY COG 303 5 4 + 0 4 7
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Dersin Koordinatörü Prof.Dr. FATMA TÜLAY KIZILOĞLU
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Biogeography is basically the study of the distribution of the Earth’s biota, both flora and fauna in which human beings live with them together. Having some knowledge about existence of animals and plants in the same place and to comprehend the important flora and fauna regions and theirs characteristics.
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Biogeography, ecosystems and its components, cycles on biosphere and environmental relationships, distribution and emigration of living organisms, the main flora and fauna regions of the worlds, vegetation formations and theirs boundary. In other words biogeography is basically the study of the distribution of the Earth’s biota, flora and fauna. This course will offer an introduction to the geographical distribution of living organisms in terms of current and former processes. Special reference is made to biogeographic regions, the distribution of organisms in space and time, and ecological biogeography. Different videos, which consist of characteristics fauna elements and zoogeographic regions, will be shown.
Dersin Öğrenme Çıktıları Öğretim Yöntemleri Ölçme Yöntemleri
1 - Describe of living organisms in terms of paleontology, geography, and ecology, distribution of lives in the Biosphere and taking some information about geologic processes of geologic ages and theirs current situations. 1 - 3 - A - C -
2 - Know ecologic concepts and realize for biologic diversity 1 - 2 - 3 - A - C -
3 - Relate between flora and fauna with caracteristics of climate 1 - 3 - A - C -
4 - Make natural distributions for animal and plant 1 - A - C -
5 - Identify what are the changes of flora and fauna that occurred by human factors 1 - 2 - 3 - A - C -
6 - List factors which affact distribution of animate in the earth 1 - 2 - A - C -
Öğretim Yöntemleri: 1:Lecture 3:Discussion 2:Question-Answer
Ölçme Yöntemleri: A:Testing C:Homework

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Hafta Konular ÖnHazırlık
1 Biogeography, ecosystem and biogeography, ecosystem’s elements
2 Cycles on biosphere and environmental relations
3 Life and environment, stability, succession and biodiversity
4 Distribution factors of living organisms and migration of them
5 Living places for organisms
6 Growing environment for plants and conditions
7 Interactions with plants and other organisms, World’s vegetation regions, vegetation sprawl in the geologic ages, vegetation density and emigration
8 Midterm exam
9 Environmental adaptation for plants
10 Vegetation classification
11 Vegetation geography terms
12 Vegetation analyzing and dendrochronology
13 Living place for animals and conditions, environmental selection and animal distribution
14 Zoogeography regions


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No Program Öğrenme Çıktıları KatkıDüzeyi
1 2 3 4 5
1 To have advance-level information and comprehension which stay up with textbook that contain to current informations, practise equipments and other scientific contexts, able to use these ones X
2 To evaluate concepts, opinions and datas with scientific methods in geography and geographical information technology field.To determine to complicated problem and subjects, its able to analising, able to discuss, able to develop to suggestions which based upon to proof and research
3 To instruct professional or beginner listener groups about subject associated with geography and geographical information technology.Able to transfer to the listeners of ideas,problems and solutions by oral and written examination
4 Able to show administer advance-level working freely
5 To discover solution methods on complicated conditions in practise in geography and geographical information technology field
6 Able to administer thereby planning of activities directed towards professional evolution
7 To know foreign language for able to communicate with colleauges and to follow up to informations on geography and geographical information technology field
8 Able to use of technologies of informatics and communication with knowledge of computer software and hardware
9 To have satisfactoriness of looking after of social,scientific and ethic values on stages of data collection, explication and announced
10 To have knowledge and consciousness of looking after of social,scientific and ethic values on stages of data collection, explication and announced X
11 Conscious about professional security, health, quality control and its management and environmental protection X

Değerlendirme Sistemi

AraSinav 1 50
KisaSinav 1 15
Odev 1 20
KisaSinav 2 15
Toplam 100
Yıliçinin Başarıya Oranı 50
Finalin Başarıya Oranı 50
Toplam 100

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