Course Name Code Semester T+U Hours Credit ECTS
Visual Literacy BTE 211 3 3 + 0 3 4
Precondition Courses
Recommended Optional Courses
Course Language Turkish
Course Level Bachelor's Degree
Course Type Optional
Course Coordinator Arş.Gör.Dr. ŞULE YILMAZ ÖZDEN
Course Lecturers
Course Assistants Emre Çam
Course Category
Course Objective Instructing about concept of the visual literacy. Organizing visual elements. Evaluate visual elements.
Course Content Role of the visual meteriel in communication. Visual literacy. Visual perception. Explication of visual meteriels. Creating visual materiels. Reson of visual design. Process of visual design: Visual elements, verbal elements, font type, using miniscule and capital letter, font color, punto, spaces between letters and lines, effectiveness elements: surprise, interaction, texture, Pattern: stability, style, form, color; Editing: canalizers, contrast, care focus, continuity, entirety; Visual Planning Tools; Visual environments
# Course Learning Outcomes Teaching Methods Assessment Methods
1 Describing visual literacy Lecture, Question-Answer, Testing,
2 Describing elements of the visual literacy Question-Answer, Discussion, Lecture, Testing,
3 Percepting visual formation of visual literacy and understanding it’s role in explication Question-Answer, Lecture, Discussion, Drilland Practice, Performance Task, Testing, Oral Exam,
4 Describing aim of the tool using in visual formation Lecture, Testing,
5 Explaining imortant points of the visual formation Lecture, Question-Answer, Testing,
6 Describing representation ability of the visual elements Lecture, Question-Answer, Testing,
Week Course Topics Preliminary Preparation
1 Concept of visual literacy
2 Basic visual elements: Dot, line, shape, form, dimension
3 Basic visual elements: action, shade, color, pattern, proportion
4 Effective elements of visual literacy
5 Canalizers in visual literacy
6 Perception and connotation
7 Gestatl theories in visual literacy
8 Visual dinamism elements; color balance, size, contrast, rythm, harmony, proportion
9 Midterm exam
10 Visual techniques: Communication strategies
11 Visual exposition and explain on examples
12 Anatomy of visual messages
13 Using tools on visual harmony
14 Visual planning tools
Course Notes
Course Resources
Evaluation System
Semester Studies Contribution Rate
1. Ara Sınav 30
1. Kısa Sınav 5
1. Proje / Tasarım 40
1. Ödev 25
Total 100
1. Yıl İçinin Başarıya 60
1. Final 40
Total 100
ECTS - Workload Activity Quantity Time (Hours) Total Workload (Hours)
Course Duration (Including the exam week: 16x Total course hours) 16 4 64
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 16 2 32
Mid-terms 1 1 1
Quiz 2 2 4
Oral Examination 1 1 1
Project / Design 1 1 1
Final examination 1 2 2
Total Workload 105
Total Workload / 25 (Hours) 4.2
dersAKTSKredisi 4