Course Name Code Semester T+U Hours Credit ECTS
Lessons Of Poetry Knowledge In Turkish Ed. TEG 518 0 3 + 0 3 6
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Course Language Turkish
Course Level yuksek_lisans
Course Type Optional
Course Coordinator Dr.Öğr.Üyesi MEHMET ÖZDEMİR
Course Lecturers Dr.Öğr.Üyesi MEHMET ÖZDEMİR,
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Course Objective Understand the importance of the knowledge of Turkish Education of poetry and poetry. Aristotle than the present? Poetics? jobs in the driven ideas to teach. In the last period, poetics, focusing on three important application of these poems do.
Course Content Aristotle in Poetics? Than this, although since the issue is known and studied how the Turkish literature has shown an improvement? Why poetikalara encountered in the western sense of the old literature? We started with the Tanzimat period, how developed thoughts on the poem? Turkish Education of Poetry courses, along with answers to the above questions are evaluated in a comparative manner how the common issues will be covered by our poets. In addition, the Republican era, will focus on three major Poetics.
# Course Learning Outcomes Teaching Methods Assessment Methods
1 Aristotle in poetics to learn. Lecture, Question-Answer, Testing, Homework,
2 The fact that the Court sees the poetics Poetry Lecture, Question-Answer, Testing, Homework,
3 Evaluates aspects of New Turkish Poetry Poetic Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Testing, Homework,
4 The last period and compares learns poetikalarını Lecture, Question-Answer, Testing, Homework,
5 Poetics of the text applies Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Testing, Homework,
6 Republican period and compares the previous poetics Question-Answer, Discussion, Testing, Homework,
Week Course Topics Preliminary Preparation
1 Course content and presentation of the source materials
2 What´s Poetics? Aristotle´s Poetics, Poetry is the essence of the art of problem.
3 Andülhak Hamid, Makber Mukaddimesi, Tevfik Fikret and the Almighty?´s Poetry views
4 Orhan Veli AND STRANGE prefaces, positivist, but a negative one Poetics.
5 Language of Poetry, Poetry Who Will Greetings, Illustrated Music Between Poetry
6 Against Surrealism, poetry Integrity
7 Ahmet Haşim´s Poetic in and against
8 Mid-term exam
9 Ahmet Haşim and Piyale prefaces, critic against the A.Haşim
10 Poetry, this unknown, the sound of the soul, poetry means as mentioned Acts
11 Yahya Kemal thirty years in poetry
12 Necip Fazil on Poetry and Poetics
13 Collecting Data Definitions courts and in Akademia Poets, Poetry Inner Pyramid,
14 Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar İsmet Özel AND poetry
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Evaluation System
Semester Studies Contribution Rate
1. Ara Sınav 50
1. Kısa Sınav 15
2. Kısa Sınav 15
1. Ödev 20
Total 100
1. Yıl İçinin Başarıya 50
1. Final 50
Total 100
ECTS - Workload Activity Quantity Time (Hours) Total Workload (Hours)
Course Duration (Including the exam week: 16x Total course hours) 16 3 48
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 16 4 64
Mid-terms 1 5 5
Assignment 1 6 6
Oral Examination 1 10 10
Performance Task (Laboratory) 1 5 5
Final examination 1 10 10
Total Workload 148
Total Workload / 25 (Hours) 5.92
dersAKTSKredisi 6