Course Name Code Semester T+U Hours Credit ECTS
Dahili Staji (Çocuk Sağliği ve Hastaliklari) TIP 626 6 0 + 160 6 5
Precondition Courses
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Course Language Turkish
Course Level Bachelor's Degree
Course Type Optional
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Course Objective
Course Content
# Course Learning Outcomes Teaching Methods Assessment Methods
1 Lecture, Discussion, Drilland Practice, Demonstration, Motivations to Show, Homework,
2 Motivations to Show, Demonstration, Drilland Practice, Lecture, Homework,
3 Drilland Practice, Lecture, Performance Task,
4 Motivations to Show, Demonstration, Drilland Practice, Performance Task,
5 Motivations to Show, Demonstration, Drilland Practice, Performance Task,
6 Motivations to Show, Drilland Practice, Discussion, Question-Answer, Performance Task,
Week Course Topics Preliminary Preparation
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Order Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
1 2 3 4 5
1 Health Care - Uses the acquired knowledge, skills and behavior in health care X
2 Healthcare - Applies a biopsychosocial approach to the patient. X
3 Healthcare - Prioritizes protecting and improving individual and public health X
4 Healthcare – Manages activities to maintain and improve health X
5 Healthcare - Provides health education to population, patients and other healthcare professionals X
6 Healthcare - Shows a safe, rational and effective approach in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation processes X
7 Healthcare - Performs interventions and/or non-invasive procedures safely and effectively X
8 Healthcare - Considers patient and employee safety X
9 Healthcare - Considers socioeconomic conditions and individual characteristics that affect health X
10 Ethical and Professional Principles- Considers good medical practice X
11 Ethical and Professional Principles – Works within the ethical and legal responsibilities X
12 Ethical and Professional Principles - Committed to providing quality of healthcare X
13 Ethical and Professional Principles – Evaluate their professional performance X
14 Health Advocate- Advocates to improve healthcare system by taking into account their social responsibilities X
15 Health Advocate - Collaborates with all partners of healthcare system X
16 Health Advocate - Evaluates individual and public health indicators and indices X
17 Health Advocate- Care about protecting their own health X
18 Leader - Leads the healthcare team X
19 Leader - Uses resources in healthcare services in a cost-effective manner, to maximize net benefits of society, and in accordance with regulations X
20 Team- Undertakes different roles within the healthcare team X
21 Team- Has roles and responsibilities among healthcare professionals X
22 Team- Works with colleagues and other professional groups effectively and in a manner that supports a collaborative culture X
23 Communication – Uses effective communication skills with patients, their families and healthcare professionals X
24 Communication - Uses effective communication skills with individuals and groups with different sociocultural characteristics X
25 Communication – Uses patient-centered approach in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up X
26 Scholar – Be able to plan and apply scientific research X
27 Scholar – Be able to reach and evaluate current medical literature X
28 Scholar – Integrate evidence into decision-making in their practice X
29 Scholar – Uses information technologies X
30 Lifelong Learning - Manages career development effectively X
31 Lifelong Learning – Be able to acquire new knowledge and adapt to life-changing conditions X
32 Lifelong Learning - Identifies the right learning resources, organizes its own learning activity X
Evaluation System
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