Course Name Code Semester T+U Hours Credit ECTS
Style Resources In Art History SAN 504 0 3 + 0 3 6
Precondition Courses
Recommended Optional Courses
Course Language Turkish
Course Level yuksek_lisans
Course Type Compulsory
Course Coordinator Dr.Öğr.Üyesi TÜLİN ÇORUHLU
Course Lecturers Dr.Öğr.Üyesi TÜLİN ÇORUHLU,
Course Assistants

Doç.Dr.Ela TAŞ

Course Category
Course Objective

Brought to the researcher during the historical process of cultural assets and works of art; period, the region, form, material-technical and finishing within the discipline of art history, in terms of classification, comparison evaluation able to provide

Course Content

The birth of art, antiquity in architecture, painting, sculpture, basic principles of religion-art, Christian art, art East-West relations in the Middle East and Asia relations, Turkish-Islamic principles in art the art of regional interaction, Europe and around the world The Renaissance and later. Anadolu in Turkish art, the stylistic periods

# Course Learning Outcomes Teaching Methods Assessment Methods
1 Comments factors affecting the birth of the art Lecture, Discussion, Demonstration, Brain Storming, Oral Exam, Homework,
2 Assess the relationship between religion and art Lecture, Discussion, Demonstration, Testing, Oral Exam, Homework,
3 Knows the principles of the Turkish-Islamic art Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Demonstration, Testing, Oral Exam, Homework,
4 Explains the chronological and regional development in art Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Demonstration, Testing, Oral Exam, Homework,
5 Evaluates Renaissance and later art movements in Europe and the world Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Demonstration, Testing, Oral Exam, Homework,
6 Suggestions thesis topic about study topic Lecture, Question-Answer, Discussion, Brain Storming, Problem Solving, Testing, Project / Design, Performance Task,
Week Course Topics Preliminary Preparation
1 Introduction and definitions
2 Historical periods (Neolotikten yakınçağa) chronology
3 stylistic reasons give rise to the
4 Religion-art relation/sanat environments (Middle East-Europe)
5 the relationship between geography and art
6 Power (economy and power) and Art Association
7 The relationship between cultural influences and art
8 Art based on their Styles (archaic, classical, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, etc.)
9 The art of architecture styles
10 The art of sculpture styles
11 The art of style are depicted
12 The Eastern and Western styles
13 Seminar
14 Evaluations
Course Notes <p>Will be given by instructor</p>
Course Resources

KANTEV, D., The Symbol of the Beast the Animal-Style Art of Eurasia, New York, 1957.
D.T. Rice., Art of the Byzantine Era, London, 1963.
BELENLTSKY, A., Central Asia,Geneva,1968.
ARSEVEN Celal Esad.,Türk Sanatı Tarihi: Menşeinden Bugüne Kadar Mimari, Heykel, Resim, Süsleme ve Tezyini Sanatlar,İstanbul: Maarif Basımevi,1971.
Chatzidakis, M. Studies in Byzantine Art and Archeology, London,1972.
AREL Ayda.,18 .Yüzyıl İstanbul Mimarisinde Batılılaşma Süreci, İstanbul,1975
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ESİN, E., İslamiyetten Önceki Türk Kültür Tarihi ve İslama Giriş,İstanbul,1978.
Gombrich, EH., Sanatın Öyküsü, İstanbul,1980.
Bryer, A.-Winfield, D., The Byzantine Monuments and Topography of the Pontos, Washigton D.C.1985.
ASLANAPA Oktay., Türk Sanatı,İstanbul: Remzi Kitabevi, 1984
ASLANAPA Oktay., Osmanlı Devri Mimarisi,İstanbul: İnkılap Kitabevi, 1985.
Belting, H. The End of the History of Art, The University of Chicago Press. (Pp.1-63), 1987
Grabar, Oleg ,İslam Sanatının Oluşumu, İstanbul, 1988.
Schapiro, M. Theory and Philosopy of Art: Style, Artist, and Society, New York. (Pp. 51–101.), 1994.
Hillenbrand, Robert ,Islam Sanatı ve Mimarlığı (Çev. Ç. Kafescioğlu), İstanbul, 2005.

Order Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
1 2 3 4 5
1 He/She a scientific study one of an Art Historian fielding by getting habit in project form way of thesis. X
2 He/She draws the progress of the art during the historical period. X
3 He/She concieves the artistical styles and specialist value. X
4 He/She grills specialistics of our artistical materials and contributing to the world art history. X
5 He/She makes analogical worth who has inself and has comprehension the facts her/His ownage.confidence using own culture and art. X
6 He/She discusses own scientifies studies with other scientits in the national and international meeting. X
7 He/She things of conservation and keeping alive of cultural and artistic material as a modern and sensitive person. X
8 He/She develops own capacity about comment on the artistical material in the period of product or modern age. X
Evaluation System
Semester Studies Contribution Rate
1. Ödev 40
2. Ödev 30
3. Ödev 30
Total 100
1. Yıl İçinin Başarıya 50
1. Final 50
Total 100
ECTS - Workload Activity Quantity Time (Hours) Total Workload (Hours)
Course Duration (Including the exam week: 16x Total course hours) 16 3 48
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 16 2 32
Mid-terms 1 17 17
Quiz 1 9 9
Assignment 1 30 30
Final examination 1 22 22
Total Workload 158
Total Workload / 25 (Hours) 6.32
dersAKTSKredisi 6