Dersin Program Çıktılarına Katkısı

No Program Öğrenme Çıktıları KatkıDüzeyi
1 2 3 4 5
1 they constitute an idea in economic subjects analitically and advocacy this idea coherent and critique the ideas constituted by others X
2 -They have knowledge about the microeconomic theory, financial economic and macroeconomics with numerical and graphical methods X
3 They know econometric theories and have ability to solve economic problems by using these theories X
4 X
5 They are specialists at some of theese areas:public economics, industrial economics,money and banking economics, environment and natural sources economics, labour economics, knowledge and property economics, international trade and finance economics, economic growth and development X
6 they use basic computer programs helping to make economic analysis X
7 they have proffecional, social and scientific etic value X
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