Dersin Program Çıktılarına Katkısı

No Program Öğrenme Çıktıları KatkıDüzeyi
1 2 3 4 5
1 Having knowledge about Islamic moral understanding at academic level X
2 Having sufficient knowledge about basic concepts and methodology of Islamic law X
3 Having enough knowledge about Islamic commercial law X
4 Having enough knowledge and skills about economics and finance X
5 Ability to follow current developments in the global economy in the field of economics and finance X
6 To be able to make interdisciplinary academic studies between basic Islamic sciences and economics-finance sciences X
7 Be able to develop unique mechanisms and products in accordance with Islamic principles in the financial system X
8 New developments in economics and finance, explanation and interpretation from the perspective of Islamic morality and law X
9 To comply with ethical rules in the fields in which they are employed and in economic-commercial activities X
10 Ability to give academic work on at least one foreign language X
11 Having an understanding of the rights and benefits of all stakeholders of institutions X
12 Having the ability to use the necessary information technologies X
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