Dersin Program Çıktılarına Katkısı

No Program Öğrenme Çıktıları KatkıDüzeyi
1 2 3 4 5
1 Organizes events related the difficulties faced in working life and working life. X
2 Organizes activities aimed at improving conditions related career psychological counseling by acquiring knowloedge about the social structure and social psychology. X
3 Acquires the ability to solve social problems. X
4 Utilizes the principles and techniques of modern sciences of education and administration in the helping process. X
5 Evaluate the knowledge and skills gained on vocational psychological counseling and guidance with a critical attitude. X
6 Gives insight to his/her current social environment on career counseling. X
7 Acquires the ability to produce solutions on the difficulties encountered by individuals in their professional lives. X
8 Acquires the ability to manage human and material resources effectively in a competitive environment. X
9 Acquire professional and ethical responsibility. X
10 Analyzes cases in the field of career counseling. X
11 Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills about the economy and the labor market. X
12 Organizes events related to working life and the difficulties faced in working life. X
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