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Res. Ass. Ayhan DURMUŞ

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Decision-making process and to support decision-makers in business, and provide accurate and fast decisions is crucial for business competitiveness, and more. Management information systems are used for this purpose. The aim of this course is to introduce management information systems, this system creates the software, hardware, networks, and human elements of the detailed review and organizations to provide information about the MIS applications. Information Systems planning, designing, establishing, operating, and for the management aimed to gain the knowledge and competence. In this context, the chronological development of information systems and management kademeleriyle relations, data processing systems, management information systems, decision support systems, executive information systems, strategic management systems and expert systems are introduced in detail, the process of developing an integrated IT system in terms of both business and technical aspects are examined and re-design of IT systems and reengineering business processes with IT staff and users; covered in modern enterprises.

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Definition of management information systems, types, importance to the organization, the lower parts, the effects of information technologies and decision making

Dersin Öğrenme Çıktıları Öğretim Yöntemleri Ölçme Yöntemleri
1 - Data and information descriptions, differences and analyze the importance A - C -
2 - Examination and evaluation will compare different types of information systems A - C -
3 - Information systems and technologies concepts related to the identification, naming, comparison in business C - A -
4 - To interpret the differences and relations between the detection information technology and information system A - C -
5 - Database design and installation to be built C - A -
6 - On the implementation of information systems to make analysis according to the business world, the criteria and solutions to make criticisms A - C -
7 - C - A -
Öğretim Yöntemleri:
Ölçme Yöntemleri: A:Testing C:Homework
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