Ders Akışı

Hafta Konular ÖnHazırlık
1 Language families and value of Turkish Language in world languages Have a preliminary knowledge about language families.
2 Theory of Altay Languages and likeness and relation of Altay Languages Studies related to the theory of Altay languages review.
3 First periods of Turkish Language, The Oldest Turkish and First Turkish Period Examine the first periods of the studies about the Turkish language.
4 First documents with Turkish Language, first Stones, Orhun ağabeydes and Old Turkish Period Do preliminary reading on the Orkhon inscriptions.
5 Period of Uigur Belonging to examine the work of turcologists engaged in the study of the Uighur period.
6 Immigration to west, mobility of Turkish Language in same geographies Books that are written about the westward migration review.
7 Karahanlılar and Turkish Language: New Alphabet, new culture and changes of language Have a preliminary knowledge about their contributions to the language of karakhanid Turkish.
8 Kipcak, noble, and other fields of scientific research in the languages and communities to the rest of them works The remaining works Kipchak languages of the communities and learn about them.
9 Mid-Term Exam A general repetition of the course so far.
10 The rest of us from the area of Harezm and Altinordu Obtain preliminary information about the works that we refer to khwarezm and Altinordu field.
11 Migration to Anatolia and Old Anatolia Turkish Literary studies have made a preliminary knowledge about old Anatolian Turkish period.
12 Important names and works of Cagatay Turkish and Cagatay Turkish Have a preliminary knowledge about the chaghatay.
13 The Ottomans and the Turkish language, modern Turkish dialects Ottoman and modern Turkish dialects have knowledge about.
14 Assessment for the final exam A general repetition of the period.


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