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1 The distribution of Population in the World, the diversity and difference of settled areas
2 Population and increasing of population, the theory of Population increase
3 Factors effective on population change: pertaining to life variable, births and fertility measuring
4 Fatality and measurements of fatality ratio, factors effective on fatalities: nutrition and diseases
5 Population politics, choices of politics, limiting population politics, racialist population politics, encouraging population politics
6 Age structure of population, problem of population aging
7 Gender structure of population, geography of women
8 Midterm Exam
9 Local structure of nations; reasons for human diversity, biological variations of human, human kingdoms.
10 Migrations, reasons of migrations, pushing and attractive factors.
11 Great migrations in the past and today; migrations to North and South America, migrations from Africa and slave trade, migrations from Europe and other significant migrations.
12 Population density and distribution: measurement of population density, factors affecting the population distribution.
13 Actual distribution of world population: the areas that have low density population
14 The areas that have high density population.


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