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1 Introduction to the course: Second Language Acquisition and Pragmatics
2 Terms in the field of (interlanguage) pragmatics, how pragmatics is intertwined with culture, and the role of pragmatics in language teaching
3 Pragmatic ability and defining it in terms of listeners, speakers, readers, and writers of a language. Factors affecting pragmatic ability (e.g., proficiency, age, gender, occupation, past multilingual/multicultural experiences, etc.)
4 Common causes of learners’ divergence from pragmatic norms (e.g., negative transfer of pragmatic norms; limited grammatical ability in the L2; overgeneralization of perceived L2 pragmatic norms; effect of instruction or instructional materials)
5 Theoretical underpinnings for L2 pragmatics instruction
6 Pragmatics-focused lesson plan and its components
7 Pragmatics-focused lesson plan and its components (contd.)
8 Textbook analysis for pragmatic components.
9 Midterm
10 Exploring instructional resources for teaching L2 pragmatics and the means of obtaining samples of language data reflecting pragmatic use of language.
11 Technology-aided pragmatic teaching and online resources for teaching L2 pragmatics.
12 The role of conversation analysis (CA) and electronic corpora in the teaching of L2 pragmatics
13 Classroom observation and teaching demonstrations to provide a hands-on opportunity
14 Assessment of learners’ L2 pragmatic ability (e.g., through formal tests or more informal performance tasks involving rubrics or checklists) and how to provide feedback on learners’ usage.


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