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1 Comparing the classical manufacturing systems and competitive conditions with the contemporary advanced manufacturing systems and global competitive conditions. Analysing the effects of contemporary manufacturing systems on cost management systems.
2 Strategy, cost management and strategic cost management concept and thinking
3 Taking strategic position, the relationship between competitive strategies and strategic cost management
4 Preparation of cost data and information bases for strategic cost planning, controlling, performance evaluation and managerial decisions
5 Strategic cost analysis, logistic costs, technology costs, quality costs and environmental costs
6 Value Chain Analysis
7 Activity based costing (ABC) and budgeting
8 Target costing (TC) and budgeting
9 Kaizen costing
10 Product life cycle costing (PLCC) and budgeting
11 Just in time (JIT) and strategic cost management
12 Outsourcing and strategic cost management
13 Financial and non-financial performance evaluation systems and performance evaluation in cost management respecting strategic cost management
14 Strategic cost management practices


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