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1 Permutation, combinations, ordered and unordered partitions, Binom Theorem
2 Probability of a event and probabiltiy axioms, some probability rules,conditional probability, independent events, Bayes Theorem
3 Concept of random variable, distribution of discrete and continuous random variable
4 Two-dimensional random variable, expected value and properties,Variance and properties of a random variable
5 Functions of random variables and characteristic functions
6 Bernoulli, binom, polynomial distributions and properties,geometric, negative binom distributions and properties
7 Hypergeometric distributions and properties,Uniform distributions and properties
8 Normal distribution, standard normal distribution, properties of standard normal curve
9 Mid – Term Exam
10 Normal approaching to binom distribution, generating moment function of normal distribution
11 Regular, exponential, gama and beta distribution and relations among distributions
12 Concept of exemplification and sample selection ,frequency distributions, showing datas with graphs
13 Measures of central tendency ,measures of variation, standard error and confidence intervals
14 Tests of hypostesis, deciding ,test of difference and analysis of chi-square


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