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1 Short definition of group, ring, field
2 Matrixes, addition and scaler product in matrix space, matrix product and applications
3 Square matrix, inverse of a matrix, tranposition of a matrix, some special matrix and exercises
4 Echolon form of a matrix, elemanter operations, elemanter matrixes, theorem of factorisation
5 Matrix and linear equations system, solution of linear equation systems by the help of elemanter operations
6 Gauss – Jordan Elimination Method and exercises
7 Vectors on R^2 and R^3, vector spaces, subspaces, trivial space, proper subsapace
8 Linear independence, linear dependance, basis, dimension, applications
9 Mid – Term Exam
10 Theorem of basis complementation, quotient spaces
11 Direct sum
12 Isomorphisms and exercises
13 Rank of a matrix and related exercises
14 Application of rank ( solutions of linear equation systems )


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