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1 What is communication? The importance and function of communication for the individual and society.
2 Types of communication... The phenomenon of internal and interpersonal communication.
3 Types of communication... The phenomenon of mass and organizational communication.
4 Communications begins with you. Recognition of human nature.
5 The perspective of self description: Effective speech
6 Being a good listener: Effective listening.
7 Golden key of communication: Empathy.
8 First impression and its importance in communication.
9 Midterm exam.
10 What is body languauge? Why is it important?
11 The code of body language: Facial expression, arm-hand movement.
12 The code of body language:İnterpersonal distance and physical appearance.
13 The effective using of body language in business life:Practice and case studies.
14 Discover who are you: communication skills and personality analyses test application.


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