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Hafta Konular ÖnHazırlık
1 Respectively, the main topics of the course and the examination dates are given to every student on a sheet of paper and explanations are given, a preliminary research study is expected from the student
2 Evaluation of the ceramic glazes and select a ceramic glaze type
3 Preliminary reseaches
4 Quiz
5 Practical study
6 Practical study
7 Presentation and defensing the subject
8 Practical study
9 Midterm exam
10 Commentaries on the phases of the study
11 Practical study
12 Presentation
13 Presentation
14 Quiz


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Ders Kaynakları

Cooper´s Book of Glaze Recipes-Emmanual Cooper
Seramik Teknolojisi-Prof.Ateş Arcasoy
Seramik Teknolojisi ve Uygulaması-Prof.Zeliha Mete,Hüseyin Tanışan

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