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1 What is the Quran? What are the differences between the hadith and holy Qur´an?
2 Concepts of the Qur´an Verse, Sura, Juz, Mushaf and so on.
3 Nature of revelation and the beginning and varieties of Revelation-Prophet relationship, the revelation gradualism.
4 The arrival of the Qur´an and complete.
5 Bringing the Qur´an as a book and Propagation.
6 Makki-Madani and the occasions of revelation.
7 The opening parts of the surahs and Qur´anic stories.
8 The uniqueness of the Quran.
9 Difficult passages in the Qur´an.
10 Content of the Qur´an.
11 Main themes of the Qur´an.
12 Holy Qur´an Divine Kalam.
13 Tafsir and Meal of the Qur´an.
14 The virtues of the Qur´an.


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Paçacı, Mehmet, Introduction to the Qur'an, İSAM yay., İstanbul, 2010.

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