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1 Methodology; definition of the financial markets; its importance and influence overall level of economic activity
2 Basic concepts; the theory on monetary system, control of money supply; Financial system and financial institutions, money and capital market and asymmetric information
3 Central banking, its historical backgrounds, origins, managements, rules, functions, and deputes on central bank independency
4 Central banking in Turkey and balance sheet analysis and linkage between its operations and money market and real economy, Banking Laws, the impact of central Bank controls to the markets
5 Principles of banking; definition of money; supply and demand for money; commercial banking and other financial intermediaries; banking; laws and regulations, its historical backgrounds, origins, , functions
6 Working capital management. Topics covered include the management of deposits, cash and liquidity, credit analysis and lending, investment and trust operations, capital investment decisions, capital, financial depth and financial innovations
7 Banking operations structure and financing decisions means of payment technological renewal in banking
8 Analyzing banking balance sheet, focusing on ratio analysis to measure and analyze the performance of banking operations
9 Banking and stock exchange in Turkey; its historical backgrounds, origins, managements, rules; linkages between money market, real economy and central banking Banking Laws, regulations, organizations, Financial institutions in Turkey important issues re
10 Midterm exam
11 credit analysis and lending, investment and trust operations, behavior and risk management in banking Risk analysis techniques concern or process, monitor the results, regulation and deregulation of operations
12 Internationalizations in banking, determinants, operations, financial intermediaries sources and instruments of international operations export and import transactions international security markets, stock and bond valuation, Multinational capital budge
13 The role of non bank financial intermediaries and instruments Factoring, forfaiting, Leasing, securitization
14 The role of non bank financial intermediaries its operations finance companies and their regulation, investment affiliate, mutual fund


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