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1 Language development and steps ;The opinions about gainig language, The physiological basics of speaking and language
2 The classification of speaking impaired and language; The diagnosis and thraphy related to the kinds of language impaired
3 The diagnosis and thraphy related with the kinds of speech defects; The causes of speech defects; The training of speech defected children
4 The causes of communication defects; The fields related to communication defects; The training and training methods of the communication defected children
5 The definition and classification of visual impaired children, The legal and educational definitions of blind and less visual impaired ones, The shape of an eye and its running
6 The kinds and definition of visual impaired, Preventing visual impaired early diagnosis, The development features of visual impaired children
7 Language and mental development of visually defected children, emotional and social development of visually defected children, Education principles of visually defected children
8 Midterm exam
9 The education regulations of visual impaired children, Motion freedom, Everyday skills
10 Anatomy and physiology, Hearing equipments and measuring techniques, The definition of hearing obstacle, The causes of hearing obstacle
11 The classification of hearing obstacle, Recognizing techniques of hearing impaired children, Hearing and listening, The importance of teamwork; the efforts in Turkey for the hearing problems,
12 the importance of early diagnosis, education requirements of hearing impaired children
13 The education method, model and technics for hearing impaired children, merging programs
14 Important points for hearing impaired children during communication


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